Michael Karcher, dance caller


Mega Medleys

Nonstop change! Dance many different kinds of medleys--be ready to listen!

Mashup Challenge 5000

Randomly picked dances, random challenges! Dance like a penguin while I only call using abbreviations! That's just one fun outcome from this never-the-same-way-twice challenge!

Dutch Crossing/Yankee Crossing

Famous for being one of the most challenging dances in the repertoire, Dutch Crossing or its contrafied version Yankee Crossing will be an accomplishment you’ll never forget.

Contra by the Numbers

Dances with a math-y twist! Get ready to count, transform, compare, and sort!

Connect, Communicate, and Play

Explore ways to connect and communicate with our contra partners and neighbors, both verbally and nonverbally. Also play with different kinds of role exchanges along the way.

Michael Karcher's Favorite Contras/Squares

Come dance some of the dances Michael has enjoyed most in all his years of dancing.

Totally Not Generic Calling Workshop

Michael teaches you his calling tricks and tips.

Custom Workshop

Contact Michael to put together a new workshop to your liking!